A New Chance


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Two lives intersect in a curious twist of fate. Naomi' s life has no way to go but up, and Mark 's life seems to be headed for a tragic end. A Karmic event brings these two lives together. Waking up in a mental hospital, Naomi struggles to understand a soul-wrenching change that has stripped her of her very identity but also offers her a new chance at life.' 

Naomi must come to terms with the turn her life has taken. She must find her destiny in this new, uncertain life. This new chance at life leads her to a story of love, bravery and triumph. She encounters mysterious connections that tie her and the people she meets to the miracle that started her journey. 

"I had something happen to me that shook me to my core and made me realize there is more to life than just the trappings we see around us " 


Kevin Ready has written five novels and several non-fiction works. Kevin is an attorney and served as a military officer in both the US Army and US Navy. Find out more about Kevin in the "About Kevin" section.

Kevin readily admits his books defy categorization by genre. "I love finding new books and could never limit myself to just one genre of book, either in reading or writing.    


 Kevin E. Ready's new, pandemic novel, VIRAL, is available now.                           

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A story of hope and the indomitable will of the human spirit. This is popular fiction saga of a pandemic and the actions taken by people around the world to fight the pandemic. The story is told from the viewpoint of several key characters in various countries and walks of life. It includes realistic descriptions of the gruesome disease and heartfelt substories of the characters as they deal with the pandemic.  

A woman of science must step up and become a leader and, hopefully, a savior. A first responder finds himself fighting for the lives of thousands. Valiant medical workers face near impossible tasks while risking their very lives. A health worker must trace the origins of the gruesome disease—he not only finds its source, but also its most innocent victim. The well-researched story tells the tale of genuine people dealing with extraordinary times. The reader can expect a detailed view of a world gone awry and realistic depictions of disease and human struggle.A story of hope and the indomitable will of the human spirit.

A viral pandemic presents a nightmare of disease, death and unheard of challenges . . . and a story of hope

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About  Kevin E.  Ready 

A selection of photographs and information from Kevin's career and life.


Kevin E. Ready has a Juris Doctor degree from the University of Denver College of Law and his bachelors degree in Government and History from the University of Maryland, University College campus in Berlin, Germany.

Kevin served as a military officer in both the US Army and US Navy. After high school in Colorado, Kevin served as a intelligence analyst and Arabic and Russian Linguist for the US Army in Berlin, Germany. He was decorated for duties during the Yom Kippur War in 1973.

After law school, in 1977,  Kevin went back into the military as a US Navy Surface Warfare officer and served in the Persian Gulf during the Iran Hostage incident.  


 After four years in the Navy, onboard ship, Kevin transferred to the US Army in order to practice law as an Army Judge Advocate officer.

Midwestern roots

Kevin was born in Iowa. His parents were farmers in Iowa and Minnesota. Kevin's mother, Orahlee, was an honest to goodness farm girl.

Kevin's family moved from the farm to the big city, Denver, after his birth. Kevin's father, George, worked as a steelworker and his mother as a restaurant cook for most of Kevin's youth. Kevin and Dad below.

Kevin's mother taught him to be a voracious reader. A used goods store, the Red Barn, near their house was visited every couple weeks to buy and trade in books. Kevin's favorite purchases were science fiction and fantasy novels and geography texts.

Kevin grew up in a Denver suburb, Wheat Ridge, Colorado. He went to a fine high school and took Russian for six years in junior high and high school, which led to his first US Army job as a Russian linguist and, later, to his marriage to a beautiful girl he met in Russia years later, Olga Zavorotnova.

During high school and in law school Kevin worked at a large camera store in Denver. His love of photography stayed with him throughout the years.  



Family life

Kevin has made his home with his wife Olga in rural Santa Barbara for many years. They live in the beautiful Santa Ynez Valley. The background photos on this website are Kevin's pictures of the Valley. Kevin's youngest two children grew up in the Valley. Kevin has three sons and a daughter. Life is good.       


After his military service, Kevin practiced law in Iowa, Colorado and then California. He was also a major party candidate for U.S. Congress on two occasions. Each time he lost to the incumbent. He retired from his law practice representing Santa Barbara County after thirty years. His final job in that law practice was his favorite, acting as in-house legal counsel to the Santa Barbara County Sheriff.

After retiring from government legal work, Kevin decided to write full -time, having earlier written his first books while working as an attorney. Kevin also works as an editor and graphic designer for publications and lectures on copyright law and a civil law.


Here is Kevin's thinking and imagining place, under his sycamore tree in Ballard, CA.


With their last son finishing his high school in 2020, Kevin and Olga hope to enjoy a bit more travel, with Kevin writing and Olga doing her artwork, painting and ceramics.


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